The Loser Takes All (2002) Full Movie

The Loser Takes All
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Watch The Loser Takes All (2002) : Full Movie Online Man (Gianis Aggelakas), a mysterious man of the underworld, small time grifter and big time hard-man, who has an anarchic tendency to mumble and comment on the system, society, police, the underworld itself and other things, along with his beloved bird, Bellafonte, meets up with an odd posse consisting of kid, who is a young songwriter, a prostitute who gathers money in order to open o bookstore, an alcoholic girl haunted by the relationship with her dead mother, and the grudgey bar-woman-ex-girlfriend. The five of them get caught up in a scheme involving the media, the mob, politicians and the police. And they definitely want to get the hell out of the city, probably to some Caribbean paradise.

Title The Loser Takes All
Release Date Nov 15, 2002
Genres , , ,
Production Company
Production Countries Greece
Casts Giannis Angelakas, Jenny Kitseli, Ifigenia Asteriadi, Simeon Nikolaidis, Ioanna Pappa, Ioanna Pappa, Savva Loumi, Melissa Stoili, Maro Mavri, Christos Houliaras, George Houliaras
Giannis Angelakas
Jenny Kitseli
Ifigenia Asteriadi
Little Boy
Little Boy
Simeon Nikolaidis
Ioanna Pappa
Ioanna Pappa
Savva Loumi
Melissa Stoili
Maro Mavri
Christos Houliaras
George Houliaras
Kostas Katsikis
Dimitris Katsimanis
Themis Katz
Stefanos Lazarinos
Grigoris Pimenidis
Notis Pitsilos
Takis Tsagaris
Michele Valley
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